Beware the Search Engine Optimisation scammers


Believe it or not there are companies out there whose sole reason of existence is to make money. SEO companies are getting a bad reputation and it’s easy to see why. Don’t get me wrong, there are some good ones (and we all need to pay the bills) but most SEO ‘experts’ range from incapable to total scammers.


It’s a minefield. Of course you want your web site at the top of Google and you want all web searches for your industry keywords to hit your site and not your competitor’s. Be aware though, the personal touch is hard to find and, once the honeymoon period is over, you could see your site ranking (and your bank balance) dropping rapidly.

Be careful when you respond to an email that appears to come for a caring individual. Chances are it has been generated by a bit of software and that you aren’t that special, sorry. Be careful of SEO firms that promote link building as their primary SEO strategy. If you really want to get up the Google ladder then lots of low quality links to your site is not the way. This method will get you a virtual slap and most likely demoted or even removed. Quality is better than quantity in this instance.

Be careful of companies that overuse tech speak, specialist terminology and unfounded guarantees. It’s not that hard to understand, and you don’t need to know how ‘crawling’ works. If they start making up words then make them leave.

If you find that an SEO company has no testimonials, or at least cannot provide you with referrals, then take a moment and think. Their business model is most likely built on a one-hit, high turnover approach. Their sales team is probably much larger than their technical team and they probably don’t get repeat business.

Finally, don’t get too hung up on SEO anyway; you need to get the whole package right. What’s the point in being number one if your web site doesn’t give the key information or just isn’t nice looking? Keep your web site updated, add blogs and news articles if you can as often as you can and your chances of higher rankings can be much improved.

Our advice? Find the total package, that includes SEO, from decent people who want to see you succeed.

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