The importance of web presence for a new business

The importance of web presence for a new business

It’s common knowledge that when you start up a new business you’ll need all the publicity and attention you can get. Speaking from 1st hand experience, I know this isn’t a quick or easy task.


Without any web presence, the success of your business will rely almost solely on word of mouth and who you know, other advertising methods such as flyers and newspaper ads are often over looked as spam or unnecessary junk. It will be a very slow start in terms of traffic and publicity as there will be no immediate way that people will find out about your business without people purposely talking about it for whatever reason, whether they’re trying to spread word or recommend your business. Not to mention people that are not from the local area will have almost no chance of even knowing your business’s name as it’s likely that they won’t have the chance to be informed by word of mouth.

There are many benefits to having a website for your business other than just publicity and advertisement, although this is probably the main advantage. A website can include numerous features that other advertising methods such as print cannot, such as media like photo & video galleries, and components such as testimonials or online shopping/booking.

As previously mentioned, the internet is the best platform for advertising, and a website is the best method to make use of this. With well configured SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) you will be easily found by people searching for a business of your kind. SEO will help you appear on the first pages of search engines like google when your business name or even key words relating to your sector are typed into the search bar. Obviously this will provide a huge boost in traffic & publicity that your business is receiving as you will be easily found by people not just in your local area, but anywhere nationally and perhaps even internationally.

Websites are not just for increasing publicity, but also efficiency and customer service in your business. There is a wide range of components that can be implemented into your website such as customer feedback modules, online bookings, and galleries. Components such as these are made entirely to improve the user’s experience and the efficiency of your business, putting you above your competitors and making your potential clients more likely to choose you.

With all of these factors combined, it’s clear to see why web presence is extremely important to a new business, and why this “method” is so much more effective than any other form of advertising.


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